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Air Bag Service Forth Worth TX

  • We use advanced tech to accurately diagnosis SRS warning lights

  • Air bag service available for most cars, trucks and SUVs

  • A smart way to protect yourself and loved ones

  • Fast, affordable airbag service from an ASE-certified shop


Air bag service and repairs in Burleson TX

When your vehicle’s airbag or SRS light goes on, it should serve as an immediate reminder to have it serviced. Ignoring it or simply clearing the code won’t resolve the problem, and could put you or a loved one at risk of serious injury during an accident. At Prime auto collision in Burleson TX, our in-house collision and auto body shop will identify the root cause of your SRS warning light, before making any needed repairs to ensure your safety.

Regardless of how far or frequently you drive on a daily basis, it’s simply not worth taking chances when an SRS warning indicator decides to light up. Prime auto collision makes it easy to find out what’s causing it, and will tell you exactly what’s needed to make things safe. Call us at 347-570-5189 to learn more or schedule an appointment for service.

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