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Ceramic Coating

Nanotechnology advancements in the last couple of years have yielded products that have essentially made traditional car wax obsolete. The technology is nano-ceramic coatings. The ceramic coating is composed of nano-molecules that are so much smaller than any pores in paint and vinyl. The coating bonds to the very pores of any painted or vinyl-protected surface forming a covalent bond at a molecular level. This makes it so the ceramic coating is not only permanent, but extremely slick.

With our ceramic coating, you can enjoy a car with a finish that nothing sticks to it. It looks cleaner longer and washing becomes less frequent and a lot easier to do. Not only that, but your paint is fully protected against all contaminants, UV rays and chemical pollutants. This applies to clear bra as well. The PPF will still remain self-healing, but it will now possess self-cleaning and hydrophobic qualities.

In essence, traditional car wax has become obsolete. The outstanding qualities of our ceramic coatings are ideal for weekend pleasure vehicles and collector cars. They are even more beneficial for daily drivers that see the rigors of the road on a day to day basis. Protect your finish today and enjoy a new car every day. GOOD FOR MORE THAN YOUR PAINT



The bread and butter of ceramic coatings are based on their application over paint or vinyl. However, it doesn’t end there. We also have formulas to coat headlights, glass and exterior plastic. This ensures that the entire exterior of your vehicle is fully coated. This means you have ultimate protection from the elements for all exposed surfaces.


One of the most difficult parts of a car to clean is the wheels. Coating them with Ceramic is the end all be all solution to keeping them clean. When the ceramic coating bonds to the wheel surface it creates an imprenetrable layer of protection that will not allow brake dust and road dirt to stick. Cleaning them becomes an easy task. Just wiping them down gently is enough.


Prime auto offers Ceramic coatings formulated for other key areas of your vehicle. Specific formulas exist for interior plastics and leathers. By coating your interior with Ceramic coating you can rest assured that stains from spills and dirt are a thing of the past.


There is no better coating on the market. The protection against the elements is like nothing ever produced to date. By combining PPF with a permanent ceramic coating you ensure the finish of your vehicle remains like new and your resale value stays as high as possible.


Smart Investment: Coating your vehicle inside and out is a very smart investment. Not only do you get to enjoy a better looking vehicle throughout the length of ownership, but resale value will be higher. There is no question that a better looking and optimally maintained vehicle will sell quicker and for more.

Complete Protection: By combining the necessary protection provided by paint protection film with the best in ceramic coating technology you create the most complete and comprehensive finish protection available today. Every surface of your vehicle can be protected – exterior and interior.

Time Savings: The time you will save in finish maintenance alone will pay for the coating itself. Since you don’t need to wax anymore, think about all the hours your will save over the course of ownership. Cleaning is a lot easier and therefore a lot faster as well. Time is money. Save some. 

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