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We offer the following services:

  • Checking the lug nuts for wear

  • Installing new valve stems

  • Installing the tires

  • Proper balancing of the tires

  • Checking the disc brake caliper clearance

  • Tightening lug nuts to proper torque

Tire upkeep is essential to the safety and longevity of your vehicle. Tires need to be decided on by the proper size for the car make and model. Tires ought to be bought in sets of 4, or at least coordinating groups of two on each axle. 


Burleson, TX Tire Installation Services

Why it should be done: Tires wear eventually, tread starts to become thin, which will result in the used wheel losing traction. This creates safety risks that can be avoided. Manufactures suggest tires need to not be used for longer than 10 years. Changing wheels is advised every 6 years, however with typical use tires being changed every few years is more likely. Wear happens with regular driving. Various other factors such as driving habits, roadway conditions and weather can easily reduce the life of your tires.

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